Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sorry Guys

Sorry Guys i have really been neglecting this page but i'm back new posts every other day. on a good note this page has 147 page views.

Friday, May 25, 2012

What To Wear To Ballet Class

Some ballet studios have a dress code, while others just require comfortable clothing. 
Basic ballet attire:

  1.Tights- They come in many different brands, i recommend M. Stevens Milliskin Footed tights (Black). They are quite comfy, and they fit awesome.  

2.Tee shirt- Any Plain Tee will do. I personally suggest a white shirt but any solid color will do.

3.Ballet slippers- Ballet slippers are really based on preference. Some people like leather ballet slippers because they last longer, some like canvas because they cost less. I suggest the Sasha pro canvas ballet slippers or the Capezio Romeo leather ballet slipper. As for color white or black are both fine.

4.Dance Belt- Last but certainly not least is the dance belt, one of the most important things a male dancer needs. A dance belt is similar to a jockstrap. it holds all your "jewels" in place so they wont get hurt while dancing. i suggest the Capezio adult padded thong dance belt (style No:5936). P.S. when putting your dance belt on make sure your parts are pointing up.